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electrum-FJC was updated

PostPosted: 07 September, 2017, 04:32
by motty
electrum-FJC was updated to v 2.9.3 today.

· Added option to import BIP-39 (+ BIP-44) seed (mnemonic).
When creating a new wallet, an option to import BIP-39 (+ BIP-44) seed was added, not seed exclusive for electrum.
For example you can import a seed of Coinomi and create a wallet. Then, this wallet is synchronized with Coinomi.
If you send money to the new wallet from the electrum-FJC's main wallet, it will be immediately reflected in Coinomi in your smartphone.
· Fixed fujicoin URI bug.
Coinomi's RQ code reader now correctly scans the QR code of the charge created by electrum-FJC.